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You must have a positivo PLUS CLUB MEMBERSHIP to take advantage of Made-to-order, Custom, and/or Special-Order items.

positivo 750 (18K) Gold, most diamond, and all custom made products are considered Made-to-order, Custom, and/or Special-Order items.

The positivo customer is unique with a keen sense of quality, taste, and style. We always try to understand your design inclinations and requests, which is why there’s no third party, no middleman; only you and us. We only start making your Made-to-Order luxury goods after you order them.

Almost any current positivo product can be customized to your desire. Contact us at contactus@positivo.shop and tell us what you are thinking. Please describe what you want. Be certain to leave your Name, Email Address, and custom design ideas in the message/comments section. Also, provide the name and SKU# of the product to customize. Positivo will conduct a custom assessment to determine feasibility and pricing. We will get back to you within 24 hours and/or the next business day thereafter.

positivo Made-to-Order products are non-returnable and cannot be canceled after they are ordered unless approved by management. And, if cancellation is authorized, such products may be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

If you need to make any changes to your order: There is an additional 50 USD charge to make any changes to your order up to 5 days from your order date. After 5 days, no changes to an order will be accepted as work on your piece has already begun.

USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT RING SIZING – We strongly suggest you get sized by a professional in a jewelry shop by trying rings of the same width as the ring that you are about to order.

Do not use a chart or metric tape, these methods are not accurate.

People have visited a local jeweler to determine their ring size, only to discover later that a ring in that size is not a perfect fit.

This may not be the fault of any particular party involved, but please be aware that some jewelers use different methods when determining ring sizes. Many retail jewelry stores use metal ring sizing sets which generally come narrow for women and wider widths for men. And since wider rings fit more tightly than narrow rings, the width of the ring you choose is also a big factor in how a ring fits and feels.

While most jewelers use the bottom or leading edge of the ring to determine the size, as do we, others use the middle of the ring. There are also slight variances between ring mandrels, even those that come from the same manufacturer. All of these factors contribute to sizing discrepancies.

Wider bands fit more snugly than narrow bands, so the width of the ring sizer bands that they use will affect the size. Generally, you would go up 1/4 size for rings 5-6mm wide and 1/2 size for rings 7-8mm wide.

Ideally, you want to be sized with bands the same width and fit as the ring you are getting.

As per our rule, all of our rings are measured on our mandrels with the bottom-most edge (not the center) of the ring sitting directly at the mark of the size ordered.

The customer’s sole responsibility is to provide accurate sizing for positivo Made-to-Order pieces before production. Please be sure to order the correct size as we cannot resize these products. At the sole discretion of positivo and on a case-by-case basis, if you receive your product and it does not fit due to wrong sizing before the order was processed, you may be able to exchange it within the first 30 days from the delivery date, no exception.
Exchange and/or restocking costs are 50 USD plus shipping for pieces under 400 USD. For products over 400 USD, such cost is 30% of the price plus shipping.

Made-to-Order SHIPPING – Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing and verification. It can take up to 60 additional days and, in some cases, longer to deliver your handmade positivo Made-to-Order products. Delivery times are largely dependent on the level of product detail, customization, point of origin, and final shipping destination. All products come from our international studios in Chicago, Los Angeles, North America, and Eurasia (Bali, Greece).


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