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My name is Davis and I am the CEO of positivo, a family-owned business run by three siblings who happen to be scientists and lovers of art. And, we believe the culture gained growing up in the city proper and our collective background in STEM uniquely position us to design and produce luxury goods with a special flavor like no other.

While I run the day-to-day operations, my siblings also contribute their unique science and fashion skills to the proposition. My younger sister is a University of Illinois graduate and is pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. My older brother completed his undergraduate studies at Morehouse College. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. And I am a graduate of Morehouse College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a dual degree in Physics and Biomedical Engineering.

Our existence speaks louder than the extraordinary handcrafted jewelry and accessories we offer to everyone. Through a cool mix of science, design, and fashion, we have created a brand that constantly reminds the world to be positivo. One can look at the stylized plus signs that are a through line in our works of art. We say, “It’s a PLUS SIGN – the symbol +, indicating addition or a positivo value. Be positivo or NOTHING!”

And, while that all sounds good, we realize that being positivo is only part of the equation. It is a critical factor in success. But, absent opportunity, it is difficult, if not impossible to reach one’s full potential. Let’s change that!

How are we doing our part to afford an opportunity for those who are often underserved and marginalized? It’s as simple as our corporate ethos, “Luxury with Purpose.” positivo gives back a portion of its profits to causes that tackle issues of racism, inequality, and sustainability.




We only use very fine materials in the positivo production process. High-quality diamonds, gemstones, and pearls are set in our pieces. The precious gold metal used in our products is no less than 750 (18K). Gold vermeil pieces have a sterling silver base and are dipped 4 times in multiple thick layers of 18K gold for durability and visual pleasure (the USA standard is 2.5x). Each silver piece consists of at least 925 sterling silver. We do not plate our 925 sterling silver pieces. As with all precious metals, sterling silver may require cleaning from time to time.

positivo hardware has been designed in a way that allows only positivo to authenticate your work of art and combat counterfeiting efforts of our extraordinary brand.


positivo takes pride in the fact that our products are handmade by fairly treated and compensated masters from around the world. They are the life driving our international studios located in Chicago, Los Angeles, North America, and Bali in the Republic of Indonesia.

We recognize the quality attained when products are crafted with the hands of extraordinary artisans. We feel the energy is bestowed onto each piece by the masters at work. This imbues our unmatched products with a positivo sense of life and spirit. It’s something you can feel when you first wear positivo, and we cherish that.

Because of their very nature, no two positivo handcrafted pieces are exactly alike. There will always be slight deviations between them. And, thus each of our products should be admired and treated as unique works of art.


“Luxury with Purpose” can be seen in our charitable initiatives fashioned to touch the world. positivo products are designed for all and are meant to be unisex. We hope that every piece invokes confidence and conviction. In doing so, we believe wearing positivo will lead to a more purposeful and positivo world of luxury. And, our name positivo speaks to this truth.

As a responsible and activist company, positivo gives back a portion of its profits to causes that tackle issues of racism, inequality, and sustainability. This means we donate to vetted non-profits and partner with them in meaningful fundraisers. We believe our commitment to these organizations will enable us to influence a world in need of love today. And, as our business grows — with your support — so does our impact on nonprofit partners which will help create more opportunities for everyone. If you have any recommendations for non-profits that you feel deserve our support, please feel free to contact us.


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